Thursday, 27 May 2010

New York, New York!

Yes, that’s right, my absence of late has been because we took ourselves off on a trip to the Big Apple! Woo hoo!

Impressions? Well, it was awesome, manic, cultured, wildly varied, textured, noisy, exciting, stylish, bright. It’s a place of huge contrasts – the colossal polished skyscrapers versus the gritty realism of the smaller streets, particularly where we stayed which was on Lower East Side of Manhattan.

I have decided to break the photos down into several posts so this one centres around the general architecture around Lower East Side. I hope you enjoy!

NY015 NY009 NY003 NY029 NY092 NY034   NY120    NY148  NY479

This part of the city was incredibly textured with the brick and grime and graffiti – all the buildings are unique and there’s an amazing sense of layering especially when you look down at the buildings from high up. We loved the fire escapes on the front of the buildings too.

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