Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I love Agatha Christie. She led a hugely varied and interesting life, not all of it happy. Her stories, I think, are brilliant still today – she had such a wonderful imagination and ability to entertain through words. She has sold a staggering 2 billion books to date – 2 billion!!! Her work has only been outsold by the Bible and Shakespeare. What an incredible achievement.

I have a small collection of her books in various tatty, pre-owned, paperback volumes however her publisher, Harper Collins, brought out a reprinted series of her work in hardback not so long ago – the Facsimile edition. Amazon are always sending me tempting emails when they release another of her titles and I just can’t help myself!

“The Seven Dials Mystery” has just arrived. Aren’t they just so fabulous?





  1. I went through a long Agatha Christie phase growing up. I remember that "Seven Dials" mystery. Loved it.

    That's it....you've inspired me....I'm going to read an Agatha Christie this summer (perhaps at the beach).


    PS: I finally fixed my sidebar to point to your new blog. Sorry I'm so far behind!!

  2. It's turning out to be a great story - I took the book to New York but I don't know who I was kidding thinking that I might get an opportunity to read it! I did a bit on the plane though.

    I am still nervous that this new blog is going to stop working somehow, thanks for updating the link!


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