Monday, 15 March 2010

Weaving fun with Monty Don

The only time there has ever, to my knowledge, been a whole program on TV about weaving – and I missed it!!

There is a series currently on BBC2 called ‘Mastercrafts’ hosted by Monty Don. Each week Monty has been focussing on a different ‘dying craft’ – their words not mine - and on Friday they featured weaving. Fantastic, except that because I was out in London that night, I recorded it on Sky but I selected the wrong program by mistake and it duly recorded some drivel instead.

Anyway, being the 21st Century, the BBC has posted it onto their iPlayer site so I’m sharing it with you now. I haven’t actually watched it all yet but I shall later this evening. Here’s the link:

Hello again, by the way, I realise I’ve been absent for a while. I’ve decided to put the tapestry down for a bit and do some weaving – hope I can remember how to use it. I might be back to square one like Monty’s students!

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