Thursday, 25 March 2010

Eagerly anticipating the postman

Postman-Pat Margot the German Shepherd and I are today both eagerly anticipating the arrival of the postman. For Margot this is a daily ritual because she doesn’t like him much and thinks that she’s made him retreat back to his little red van because she told him to.

As an aside, she once nipped him on the back of leg and we received a very stern letter from Royal Mail telling us they will not deliver our post if she does it again.

So normally I don’t get very excited when I hear his van park up outside because if he wants to deliver a parcel I have to contain the dog in the study in order to open the front door, which is usually only achieved with ease if she’s too slow off the mark and I march her in without her realising why…and German Shepherds aren’t exactly known for being slow.

However today is different because I think he will deliver lots of lovely new wool for my wall hanging. I’m so excited that when it arrives I know I’ll want to drop everything and start work on it.

So, like Margot I have my ears pricked in anticipation. In fact Margot is currently flaked out on the hall floor so maybe I have half a chance of getting in there first.

The picture is Postman Pat – what nicer postman exists than Pat?

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  1. Oh gosh, I know just how that goes. We have 7 of the little devils that would love nothing more than to have a go at the UPS or Fedex man.
    Thankfully when we built we allowed for that and built a foyer with a door. The door to the pen is off the same hallway, so they all go to that door to go out and do their barking thing from the safety of the dog run. But really, the excitement is the wool! Don't forget to snap some pics of all the lovely contents!


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