Thursday, 26 November 2009

This is Lottie's Loom Room

Woohoo - the delivery man brings nice new furniture for my loom room! I've got a nice open bookcase type of thing for all my weaving, jewellery and fabric bits and bobs.

I also went to Ikea yesterday and picked up a little light which I can bolt onto the side of the loom - these dark nights play havoc and although my eyesight may be already bad, I'd like to not make it worse by threading heddles in poor light!

The excitement seems to have infiltrated everyone else, here is Ivan fighting with Margot - it's no wonder she knocks over my makeshift lamp-based warp board!


  1. What a nice bright room!! Your new storage cubes look great! And I'm drooling over the colored yarn lurking in there!!

    Have fun!


  2. Don't you just love new organizational stuff? I love your studio - so nice and open. And Ian looks nice, too!

  3. Good looking workroom! but I want to see the lamp-based warping board. My tipped over stool and baby-crib side spool rack look "iffy" --can a real weaver weave with stuff like this?


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