Thursday, 19 November 2009

Goodwood Sculpture Park

I managed to steal my husband for an hour so we scuttled off to a sculpture park at the Goodwood estate near Chichester in West Sussex (on the south coast of England).

We'd never been before although we had heard good things about it. It was really impressive - it was set in a few acres of woodland and all the sculpture was very modern and interesting. Also it was all for sale, so if you have a spare £500k you could treat yourself to a piece of art for the garden!

Here are some pics. I love seeing sculpture outside, seeing it interact with the elements and be seen under outdoor light. Hope you've got good download speeds!

This one was stunning with the chrome bouncing all the light around.

This elephant sort of thing was so realistic (at least for an elephant missing a head) - there were in fact two, this is the baby and the large one was about 25ft tall.
These guys were funny.
I wouldn't like to get too close to this one - the main body pivots in a strong breeze and in a light breeze the smaller part spins too. Very hard to capture on my camera!
A pig field next door.. too early for the pigs maybe.

This white one was huge - about 15ft tall and it had a really milky texture, it looked amazing as the light caught it.


  1. Wow - great sculptures!! At first I was picking out a few favorites, but by the end I realized I really like almost all of them!

    Thanks for posting about it!! (And you did a great job even making a pig farm look beautiful!)


  2. Looks like you got perfect light for enjoying the sculptures and taking photos, you are good at these reports of places to visit! Like Sue, I thought I might have a favourite sculpture, but no, I give up. I'd like to see the chrome one reflecting sunset, or what happens to the spinning one when it's stormy, or a bird land on the paparazzi!


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