Friday, 6 November 2009


I think I've caused some confusion about my last weaving post. The black and grey piece was a scarf for my husband - not a blanket for the christening! The blanket (which is still only half a warp!) is in baby boy blue and cream baby wool.

As it happens I can't make it to the christening this weekend because there's been quite a bit of swine flu around among some people going and until I get my jab my doctor advised me to steer clear. It's a shame but at least it buys me time to make the blanket and give it to them afterwards!

Anyway would you like to see some pictures of Ivan's new scarf? Here we go:

Ivan posing hand on hip

It's a man-sized scarf and is probably a good 45cm wide (I can't double check because he's gone to work in it) and a metre and half long.

In all I'm quite pleased with how it turned out - it feels like it was quite a defining project in my weaving life because of the process of starting again with the loom. I've learnt a lot doing this project and there was more emphasis on the design of colour and pattern than I've tried before.


  1. You're right - I was confused!!

    The scarf looks great!! I'm pleased to see short fringe on it. I'm designing a scarf for my husband, and I was trying to convince him that a little fringe is OK.

    I like how you combined the colors and pattern in this scarf - and it is indeed quite manly!!

    I'm guessing we'll get to see the baby blanket soon too?!

    Sorry that it turns out that you won't be at the christening. Hope you stay healthy!!


  2. Super to see the scarf being worn! It always interests me to see how different textiles look in use compared to flat on the loom.

    Good luck with avoiding the swine flu. I suppose it will eventually reach our village.

  3. Like Sue I'm happy to see fringe on your scarf too and trying to tell my husband the same.

    I love the pattern and color!!!

    Very NICE!!!


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