Monday, 30 November 2009

Confused of West Chiltington

Ok, at the weekend I decided to do a short weaving project and I decided on bookmarks - namely because they're narrow and it's warping the loom that seems to take me a while, plus I need some. I also found a pattern in the Handweaver's Pattern Directory that I had had my eye on for a while.

The bonus of this pattern, time-wise, was also that it's only using 4 shafts and three treadles. So in no time at all I got it set up and started weaving. I thought I would just vary the colours for each bookmark but stick to the same pattern.

Anyway, I started weaving and what's coming out on the loom isn't anything like the picture in the book!!

I checked the tie up and I don't think I've missed anything and the draft was straight so I can't have gone wildly wrong there. I keep looking at the book thinking have I missed something? Am I on the wrong page? Have I got the book upside down?!

The best thing is to draw the draft myself and find out what went wrong - I might then learn something new. I'll try to post some pics and maybe the findings of my draft a bit later on.

In the meantime however I started playing and made a little sample. Unless I manage to get back on track I will stick to elaborating on my samples and make a bookmark for each one. Watch this space for pics.


  1. Two thoughts....

    One is that maybe the other side of the fabric looks like what's pictured in the book? I can't remember for that book in particular, but some books are formatted for rising shed looms and others are for sinking shed looms - so the fabric is reversed.

    The other idea is that you could download a free version of Fiberworks, or some other weaving software to put the draft in just to double check. (Although graph paper is fine too!)

    Hope you solve the mystery!


  2. Hi Sue

    Yes I thought about the rising shed issue so I checked the reverse but it's basically the same as the top side.

    Thanks for the tip about the software - I'll try that.


  3. Drawing drafts can be very useful.

    Have you looked closely at what happens when you treadle to make sure the correct shafts are moving? Tying wrong shafts to treadles is an error I've made in the past,and I recall it took a few inches of weaving to find the mistake! Oops!

    I like the idea of bookmarks for pressies ;)


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