Friday, 15 January 2010

Mum's scarf

-Having trouble with Blogger today so all the images appear at the top and in the wrong order!

Here's the finished scarf as modelled by my mum.

I decided that it would be good to balance the red and pink with more bands but didn't actually want to incorporate those colours any more, so chose a darker blue instead. Sue asked where the bands of colour sit - they sit towards the ends so they can be visible but by tying the scarf you can choose which colours to expose and which to cover up. That wasn't an original intention - let's face it they all went out the window when I started freestyling! - but I like that outcome. In fact the blue works really quite well in comparison to the pink and red, and is especially pleasing against the black. I wasn't ready for that!

I was also pleased with the hemming which so far I have never got quite right. I decided to leave a 2-3 inch untwisted fringe which is short enough to avoid going straggly.

I think she was pleased with the result and it would definitely suit her as a spring scarf because of the colour but also due to the cotton weft it's quite light.

Charlotte asked me what the pattern was, I'll post the draft shortly so you can see. In truth the pattern was a bit of a let down because it's not that clear, however I think this is partly the choice of a slightly-too-springy warp and the mix of turquoise on white. As I said earlier, it looks better against the black warp and I'd like to try it again. Done properly it would be a great pattern for a throw or even a wall hanging.


  1. Beautiful scarf. Love the colours, very fresh and spring like.

  2. The scarf looks great!! It's so different sometimes when you see something on the loom compared to off the loom. I couldn't picture where the bands would be.

    It does seem like a scarf that she can fold in half to have a lot of one color of the other, or wear it more scrunched up like she has it now to see all the colors.

    Great job!!


  3. That beaming smile suggests a happy Mum, and indeed the scarf looks good. Very distinctive, the pink works well.

  4. I don't know - I like it on the black AND the white because they look different.

    Did I mention that I love your Manga style banner? She's such a sweet little dolly. Does she have a name?

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Sue, I know exactly what you mean - the cloth you see on the loom before it gets wound out of view is like a little snap shot, framed like a window. So it's hard to see exactly what's going on! Benita, I found the picture of the girl on a stock image website I use for work and she looked perfect! It was as close to weaving as I could get without using a photograph.



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