Monday, 18 January 2010

Bookmarks at last

I finally got round to snapping the bookmarks I gave as gifts at Christmas, here’s a selection.

These two are my favourites – particularly the one with the long fringes. The warp was a brown cotton and the weft is cotton of the same type but a variety of colours. You may remember that the pattern I intended to use turned out to be something quite different, more akin with rug weaving. So I kept the same tie-up but started randomly making patterns. Mostly of a basket-weave nature or twill.

The one at the end with all the coloured bands is a bit lop-sided but I quite like it, it’s shorter than the rest but feels thick and bright.

After the initial panic of not understanding the pattern, it turned into a rather fun project. Definitely a quick fix project!


  1. Love these! They really remind me of the gorgeous woven fabrics I saw in Guatemala.

  2. Your bookmarks came out so cool!

    You will see soon that my attempt at Christmas bookmarks was a giant FAIL!

    I was in my studio today and I finally took pics of them and tucked them away. So a post will be forthcoming.

    I'm glad (and jealous) that yours came out so great!!


  3. Thanks Tara, I thought they looked a bit South American with the red and orange. I watched a program about it recently so maybe it's filtered into my subconscious!

    Sue, I'm sure yours have turned out far better than you think they have! I have to say, I only photographed the ones that were 'acceptable' - there are some terrible ones that have 'got lost' :)


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