Monday, 2 August 2010


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So pleased with the new shelves in our kitchen. We are a bit storage-challenged in our kitchen, by design rather oddly, and I really wanted somewhere stylish to store all the food that gets lost in packets at the bottom of the drawer and goes generally nasty and sticky and spills everywhere. And these jars came to the rescue! The shelves were a bargain from Ikea and I bought the jars on the internet – I actually ordered too many by mistake (I thought I was buying 3 individual jars of different sizes but 3 packs of 3 turned up!) but hey-ho, they mostly all got used.

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  1. Cool!! That totally looks like something out of a magazine! I doubt I'd be able to keep it so neat, even for a day!

    You asked me what kind of camera I use....I have a Canon 40D, which is much more camera than I would ever buy for myself. It's a hand-me-down from my husband who's the real photographer in our family. Every photo you see from me has also been processed at least a little bit...cropping, adjusting white balance, sharpening.

    Happy August!!


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