Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Purl, SoHo

purl_wool2All the time we were in New York excitement was bubbling in my veins about going to the knitting shop, Purl, in SoHo. I’d seen it advertised in Selvedge magazine and I was so excited about going there while visiting the city. I remember first seeing the advert in the magazine and thinking that I would call in next time I was in town, but then realised it was SoHo (NY) not Soho (London). Gutted!

So on our last day – yes, I waited five days! – we took a walk off to SoHo to find it. In fact it was basically the only shop in New York that I was excited to go to which just goes to show how bizarrely my mind works these days.

When we found it, I was not disappointed. It’s quite unlike any wool shop I’ve seen in England – over here they’ve either all closed down and turned into charity shops or bars, or they stock a few Rowan colours, masses of gaudy acrylic baby wool and lots of naff tapestry kits with pictures of churches.

I didn’t take any pictures of the shop but here is their website – www.purlsoho.com

They stock so many yarns and so many fabulous colours plus fabrics and books and so on. It was all so pretty and the people so friendly!

After deliberating for ages I came out with a bagful of wool and a fist, very much not, full of dollars!


I don’t know what to do with them yet….hmm.


  1. Oooo! New Toys!

    Did you like New York? I means except for Purl?

  2. Yes I certainly did Benita! It's so much bigger than I expected - I mean you see it on TV and in films but it's just larger than life!

  3. It's interesting to hear your description of yarn shops near where you live. There has definitely been a knitting resurgence in the US, with more and more shops opening and lots of gorgeous yarn.

    Glad you got to do some yarn shopping on vacation. Any ideas about what you'll make from that yarn???


    PS: I have to say that I felt super cool the day you emailed me from your iPhone to confirm that clasped weft is really the name of the technique you were doing. It's great that technology makes so many connections possible!

  4. It can be quite daunting going into some of the yarn shops lately I've found. There are so many choices and I often leave light of purse!

  5. That is funny. I went looking for yarn shops all over England a couple years ago when we were traveling. The only one I found other than the yarn department at John Lewis in London was going out of business. It was in Barnstaple and I bought some sock wool.

  6. Re: Not such inspiring wool shops in England- If you ever find yourself in Oxfordshire, there is an AMAZING wool shop in Abingdon (about 20 mins south of Oxford) which is like an Aladdin's cave of different wools in every nook and cranny. Very inspiring!
    Lovely blog.
    Caroline (creamteasandcrafternoons.blogspot.com)


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