Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Blogging as therapy

After yesterday’s post I gave myself a good talking to. I often find that I do that after blogging – it must be a kind of levelling therapy.

Anyway I achieved quite a lot yesterday on my tapestry and have this little segment to show you…

DSC00359What you can see here is three of the palm’s “fingers” (?) – I don’t know what the proper name is but they look like giant green fingers to me.  The colours actually appear more earthy than in the photo.

I say I achieved a lot – when I finished and unfolded the rest of the canvas it looks pathetic in relation to the huge expanse of stiff canvas but there’s quite a few hours stitching in there! The main thing is that it’s progressing and I’m looking forward to it being on the wall…eventually.

Previously Benita asked to see the original photo which is below:

DSC00348So the segment above relates to the second leaf from the top, on the left. It’s the three fingers furthest on the left.  

I’ve decided the best way forward is to blog little updates frequently – like this – and to try to squeeze in some work on it at the very start of the day, getting up earlier. Otherwise Dorothy is right – I will be here for years and will probably move house before I finish!


  1. Wow - that is huge progress!!! I bet once you get into a pattern of working on it, it gain momentum.

    And yes, definitely blog often!! The positive feedback always helps me!!


  2. Thanks Sue! I'm determined to get it done!

  3. I see where you are talking about and thank you for showing the original picture. You are going to have a beautiful work of art when you are done with it. And, mind you, I said "when" not "if." :)


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