Thursday, 8 October 2009

Where can I find Bernard's Watch?

I've been so busy doing other things lately that I have rather neglected my loom. It reminds me every time I walk past it by looking empty and bereft of even a warp.

So what have I got to show for my elapse? Not a lot!! I just seem to be working all the time or walking the dog - maybe it's because the days are getting shorter now and it always takes me a while to adjust to the dark evenings.

So last night I made a new warp - it's meant to be a surprise although I have no idea how to keep it away from the intended recipient - considering he's going to see it as soon as he walks into the room!!

My solution is to find Bernard's Watch. What on earth is she on about now? Bernard's Watch was a kids TV program where a little boy called Bernard had a magic pocket watch. If he clicked a button on it, time would stop. Everyone except Bernard and whoever he was holding hands with at the time would stop literally in their tracks, making it quite amusing because the actors had to stop dead when they were running or whatever and you would normally see the more precariously balanced ones wobbling about.

So Bernard and his little friends were free to go and do whatever they wanted or needed to do - usually some scheme that would involve a frantic rush in the normal world but which could be achieved at a leisurely pace with the watch.

If I had the magic watch I could pause time, finish my weaving in time for Ivan's return tomorrow and of course release everyone to carry on with what they were doing.

Ever since I saw that program I have thought about what an indispensable item that watch was. Hey ho.


  1. That watch would be so handy for so many reasons!!

    One good thing about looms is that they don't complain about being neglected. I just sat down at mine for the first time in months this morning.

    Weave on!


  2. Oh my gosh, I want one of those watches in the worst way now! :-)
    Sue's correct, looms don't complain, they make you feel guilty with their stoic silence.

  3. That's true, it's just my guilty conscience! Good job they're not like cars and other things that start going wrong and punishing you if you ignore them for too long. Looms get a bit dusty at worst I guess!

    Looking forward to getting the warp on later today. Thank you.

  4. I know what you mean about the shorter days, it seems the day is gone much quicker.

    My floorloom stood unused for 9 months, due to being ill this year, but at least it was ready and waiting when I had the time and strength, I like having it around

    I hope your weaving is going well.

  5. I have one poor loom that walk by daily like it doesn't exist. From time to time I think "should sit down and weave on that' and then get distracted by the other pretty things!

    Loved that 1950's dress... I can recall my mother wearing somehting very much like that.

    @ Thrums


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